Class Schedule

Core Classes...

More than the basics

Appreciating a bottle of wine can be the easiest thing in the world... a crisp white in the summer or a hearty red on a cool night hold immediate appeal. Understanding wine in a more complete way is greatly aided by guided classes- such as those available through The Sommelier Conspiracy.

We offer a weekly series of five linked subjects which act as the basis for a lifelong interest in wine appreciation. These five are referred to as the core classes, and serve as your initiation into the Sommelier Conspiracy. Additionally, more focused, 'extended' individual classes broaden the horizons of participants and offer special opportunities for Working Partners of The Sommelier Conspiracy.

Most classes are scheduled for two hours, and include sampling up to six wines along with light refreshment- providing counterpoint to the subjects discussed that evening. Classes are designed to be friendly and less formal, an enjoyable event to anticipate.

CoreOne : What kind of wine do you like- right here, right now?

This class demonstrates basic differences between still wines, and give the guest an opportunity to determine which style suits their tastes at the moment

CoreTwo : Tasting and describing wine in the classic way

The goal of this classs is to show how to find the basic characteristics of a wine in a more precise manner, then provide a vocabulary to describe these characteristics.

CoreThree : Six different wines, six different tastes

This class introduces guests to six common grape varietals, and what to typically expect from them. The varietals will be those found on wine lists, and the class will reinforce their tasting skills by using them to evaluate these bottles.

CoreFour : Wine and food? What a concept!

This class is structured to give guests an understanding of how food and wine can compliment each other, and create memorable pairings.

CoreFive : Champagne and sparklers

​This class determines some differences between sparkling wine styles, and determines if  a guest prefers light or full, dry or sweet... clean or not.